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Chelsey Russell

ACE Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Chelsey started off her career graduating from Texas A&M University (whoop!) and running a wholesale gluten free bakery. She took some time away to start a family with her college sweetheart and wound up with three energetic boys (and a dog). Chelsey has always been passionate about overall health and fitness and how it is connected to one's emotional and spiritual health. Being a nutrition coach at a gym wasn't fulfilling the place in her heart that really wanted to dive deep with people to get to the root cause of why they are not achieving their goals. Health and wellness coaching aims to do just that. 

Healthy with Chelsey is founded on the principal that you are the expert in your own health. Every journey is unique and there is no one size fits all approach. Chelsey will coach you towards what is important to you. Chelsey believes health and wellness are not the numbers on the scale, the current fad diet or how much time you do or don't spend at the gym. Your health is multidimensional. It is a delicate balance of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and occupational wellness. Chelsey's goal is to uncover what is holding you back from being your best self then help you make sustainable changes towards an overall healthier you! 

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